Anna Wintour is now a Dame

The queen of the fashion world has been recognised by none other than the Queen of England, in homage to Anna Wintour's remarkable achievements as US Vogue’s editor-in-chief.

Last Friday, Anna Wintour headed to Buckingham Palace to be greeted by Queen Elizabeth II. In true classic Anna style, the now-Dame wore a pink Chanel suit and her trademark dark sunnies.

Thankfully, Wintour’s usual frosty demeanour was pleasantly lacking for this event, with Anna all smiles. ‘It’s always wonderful to get an award,’ she said, ‘but this one is extra special.’

Wintour herself was born and bred in London, and even spent time as the editor for British Vogue from 1985 to 1987. The following year, however, she had secured the top-dog spot at US Vogue, and has continued full steam ahead for the last 29 years.

Since Anna’s take-over, US Vogue has been nothing short of fabulous every single issue. It has changed the face of the fashion journalism industry, with a new and innovative focus on celebrity culture and it-girls, and it is constantly at the forefront of every trend – heck, it even makes the trends.

Wintour’s accomplishments, however, don’t end at Vogue. Wintour has also been the creative director of the mass media company, Condé Nast, since 2013, and chairs the Met Gala every year. Once again, since Anna has been involved in the Met Gala, it has experienced mind-blowing success, and it is now undisputedly the fashion event of the year.

Really, then, it comes as no surprise to us that Wintour’s achievements have granted her the title of Dame Commander for her contributions to fashion and journalism. If we were the Queen, we would be tipping our hat to you too, Anna!