Louis Vuitton launches it's very first Smartwatch!

This is one launch to end all others - Louis Vuitton have cemented their wrist candy firmly in 2017 by introducing their first Smartwatch!

Named The Tambour Horizon watch, the Louis Vuitton Smartwatch is a reworking of the luxury fashion house's classic Tambour silhouette, fused with new smartwatch technology. Designed with Android Wear 2.0 running inside it's 42mm case, this clever device can synchronize with your smartphone to ensure you stay connected.  

This unisex design is made for all and works internationally - making it your perfect travelling companion to accompany you and your monogrammed LV tote. It has many interchangeable bands and each faces, and also features two exclusive traveling apps - My Flight and City Guide. My Flight allows you to link up all of your travel info in the app, while City Guide provides Vuitton-approved travel tips and recommendations once you land at your destination. 

In addition to all this Vuitton-esque mod cons, this clever watch boasts all the same gizmos and gadgets that every smartwatch has - from alerting you when you receive an email or text, to setting alarms and monitoring your health and wellbeing. 

With one style to suit every occasion, Louis Vuitton's newest offering is something we would all be willing to wait in line for.