Amy Schumer and Leesa Evans are here to make us feel good in our own skin!

It can be a drag trudging along from shop to shop, unable to find an outfit that flatters your body shape (or one that you can afford). It's even harder when you are constantly gambling styles and designs,  remaining uncertain on what would give your long legs or voluptuous curves some much-deserved credit.

Amy Schumer and Leesa Evans have fully grasped this idea and turned it into something wonderful. The pair met when Evans outfitted Schumer during the Trainwreck press tour back in 2015, and have collaborated to launch StylefundThe not-for-profit initiative works as a helping hand for women who are unable to afford professional stylists when looking for clothes that suit their body. Not only this, but it works towards the well-being and confidence of women to find their signature silhouette and dress it accordingly.

Schumer and Evans chat a few times a week to brainstorm event ideas, which has resulted in Stylefund working with Goodwill of Southern California, helping more than 50 women of whom were re-entering the workforce. Stylefund has also transitioned into a training form. Evans is motivated to teach others about her silhouette method, which is figuring out your body shape and proportions to find clothing that flatters each and every inch of you. 

Evans says that learning to love yourself in a garment of clothing (a pencil skirt, for example) can lead you to feel beautiful in other clothing that aligns with that particular style, such as a lengthy coat or cigarette style pant. Learning about yourself and what makes you feel good, is key to Stylefund! 

Image Credits: Barney's The Window