Auckland's new blind dining experience

From March 24, you can indulge in a gastronomical experience like no other – dining in complete darkness.

Dans Le Noir? (French for “In the dark?”) have established dark dining restaurants in London, New York, Barcelona and Paris – and now they are bringing the world-famous phenomenon to a series of events at Auckland's Rydges Hotel. 

The full-immersion Lunch in the Dark and Dinner in the Dark experiences invite guests to re-evaluate their perception of taste and smell. Dining in darkness is thought to heighten the senses, offering more rich and complex flavours within the food. Reviews of past events also praise the convivial atmosphere created by the lack of light, which eliminates any preconceptions or shyness among guests. 

But it’s not just about the food - Dans Le Noir? are hosting the events in conjunction with the Blind Foundation. The organisers hope to raise awareness of the 12,100 kiwis living with blindness or low vision and to challenge preconceptions about disability. Blind and low vision kiwis have been trained as wait staff and guides to help at the event and be the 'seeing eyes' for guests in a unique reversal of roles.

Bookings are open now - head on over here for more info.