Woman Crush Wednesday: Shay Mitchell

Pretty Little Liars beauty Shay Mitchell hails from Ontario, Canada and spent her early years modelling in all over the world.

The 29-year-old, now-actress boasts more than 14 million loyal Instagram followers. An entrepreneur in her own right, Shay has her own YouTube channel boasting 1.6 million subscribers, released her first novel Bliss, in 2015.

The Los Angeles-based brunette recently released a collection with accessories brand Bauble Bar, as well as teaming up with her co-star Sacha Pieterse (who plays Alison DiLaurentis on PLL) to raise money for GLAAD by producing limited edition merchandise. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also an ambassador for skin-care brand Biore. Phew.

We can’t wait to see what the multi-talented starlet does next, Shay is this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday…

She was Nick Jonas’ fake lover:


Shay spends most of her time chasing the devious A on PLL so you may have missed her playing Nick Jonas’ girl in his Under You music video. They even shared a steamy shower scene where Shay was total #bodygoals.

She loves to box:

Speaking of body goals, Shay spends her downtime working out and her favourite way to exercise is boxing. You’ll catch her often in gloves on her Snapchat (@officialshaym).

She’s in love with food, in particular pizza:


Shay knows that life is all about balance, and is often seen delving into all sorts of edible delights.  Her pal Lawrence Longo is the founder of food app Off The Menu, and most of their encounters involve sampling lots of different foods in unique places including her number one vice - pizza.

Shay, through the lens:


Shay may spend most of her time in front of a camera, but if she’d rather be on the other side of the lens. The actress dreams of being a National Geographic Photographer. If you don’t already follow her on Instagram, her feed is full of stunning snaps of her on her ‘Shaycations’ that she vlogs on her YouTube channel.

She wanted to be a dolphin trainer growing up:

When Shay was growing up, she wanted to train dolphins as her career. This dream didn’t last too long though, as she said 'the thought that I couldn’t see the bottom of the ocean, scared the crap out of me.’ These days you will still catch her at the beach, just maybe not in the deep water.

Photo credit @ShayM, Buzzfeed, Twist Magazine