Watch what actually goes into a #followmeto Instagram

Since 2012, Moscow-based Murad Osmann and his wife Nataly have been showing the world their lives through their Instagram account, which is filled with gorgeous travel photos.

The #FollowMeTo couple don’t show much else apart from their signature photos where Nataly pulls Murad forward in front of incredible backgrounds. However, there is a new video from the pair which shows what it is like to shoot in India.


#followmeto Varanasi, India with @natalyosmann

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According to Mashable and their social media accounts, the Osmanns are now working on another project in India. This video shows the obstacles they faced when they visited last year. We see things that don’t get shown on Instagram, like being barred from filming in historical places and getting caught up in large crowds.

Turns out getting the incredible shots isn’t easy, it involves a lot of planning, set up, scouting locations, test shots and then braving crowded tourist locations in full hair and make up. Then after all that, there’s the actual posing itself! Nataly always dresses up in a costume and Murad asks her to pose and hold his hand while he leans back and attempts to capture the perfect shot. There’s a lot to think about! 

See what goes into getting those famous #FollowMeTo photos just right in the video below: