is live!

After four years of pitching and planning, is finally live! This is the music site that NZ music fans have been waiting for where fans can discover new, New Zealand artists, and in turn support them by voting to push the artist into the Top 10 Charts. Music Fans can create, name and share their favourite playlists with friends through their social media pages. The site is built around a chart compiled from public votes.  The more votes a track gets the higher up the chart it is placed. Ten times a year the number one track goes forward for a $10,000 NZ On Air Making Tracks grant.  That money would contribute to the making of a recording and video.  NZ On Air expects to fund one song selected by theaudience per funding round. It doesn’t matter what genre the track sits in, whether it is commercial or alternative, who it’s by or who is behind it; in fact the only thing that does matter is that it is a fantastic track and enough people like it. It is called the Wild Card! For musicians and bands, theaudience becomes the central point for them to showcase their music and build an audience.  All their social networking applications -facebook, twitter and youtube- are pulled together onto one easy page for fans to see.  Musicians create their pages, load their details and interact with their fans.  The more the musicians can attract the fans, the higher up the chart they go, the more recognition they garner and so it goes. This is such an exciting moment for kiwi music and up and comers, check it out at