Lilly Singh is a Bawse you need to meet

Lilly Singh is the Beyoncé of YouTube in more ways than one. The 28-year-old Canadian-born beauty is a internet personality, entrepreneur, comedian, musician, actress and now author of best-selling book How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life

Remix chatted Lilly to chat about her new book, inspirations and empowering women.

Let’s get real - How to Be a Bawse is epic. Do you have a favourite chapter or message from it?
My favourite chapter is actually the first chapter which is why it’s the first. When I wrote that chapter, I didn’t know what analogy I was going to use but when I came up with the nintendo analogy, I thought I really think a lot of people will relate to this and will understand the concept so much more. That chapter has personally helped me a lot in my life ever since I wrote it. 

Your campaign 'Girl Love' is amazing. Tell us how that idea was bought to life?
The idea was bought to life a few different ways - when I was in high school I remember having problems with girls and everyone felt like this was normal, like it was a normal part of high school. When I did a lot of motivational speaking in high schools in my career I noticed that it still exists, there’s an idea that it’s completely normal and expected that girls don’t get along with one another, even with the industry that I’m in now. I’m such good friends with so many of my peers but people just assume that we’re competing with each other or don’t like each other so I wanted to encourage my audience that it’s cool to empower other woman. 

What has been your favourite collaboration/video?
Obviously the one with The Rock is special to me but aside from that, there’s a couple of people I created with like Tia Mowry and Gina Rodriguez we’ve just become such good friends after shooting together so those one’s are always special as well. 

What’s been your career highlight(s) so far?
Yeah I have a few - the book is definitely up there, I don’t think young Lilly would ever think she’d write a book, especially a New York Times bestseller. Also meeting a lot of my idols that I talk about in the book - The Rock and Selena Gomez. Both of my tours - especially the world tour is cool and really surreal when I go to places like New Zealand or Hong Kong and I’m so well received which boggles my mind because I live so far from these places so that’s surreal and exciting. 

We feature kick-ass females in our weekly Woman Crush Wednesday segment including yourself recently. Who do you look up to?
I look up to so many people, obviously Selena Gomez. Emma Watson is one of the female’s I look up to - not only is she phenomenally talented but everything she does for women’s rights is very admirable and I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else, couldn’t think of a better person to be representing women’s rights in the US. 

Lilly’s TED-style show in Auckland last month was brilliant and her book, How to Be A Bawse, is out now.