Wes Anderson’s short film for H&M starring Adrien Brody

Wes Anderson hasn’t produced a film in just under three years, so for those who want their Anderson fix, The Grand Budapest Hotel was the latest way to get a hold of it, until recently. Anderson has just teamed up with fashion powerhouse H&M to produce a short film, perfectly timed for Christmas.

Titled Come Together, the short film of only four minutes, stars Adrien Brody who plays a conductor of a train named “H&M Lines winter Express”. Brody, has the role of breaking the news to his passengers that the vessel won’t make it to its planned destination in time for the holidays.

With a delay time of 11 and a half hours due to weather conditions and mechanical difficulties, Brody plans a Christmas brunch complimentary of H&M lines in order to make the journey the most pleasant as he can for customers. Getting in the Christmas spirit with hot chocolate, Santa hats and other treats, the idea of being delayed has never seemed so fun.

Check it out below: 

Photo source: H&M