The ten commandments of Splore 2017

If there’s one thing we love about a Kiwi summer, it’s all the festivals that come with it. With various music-oriented, yoga-oriented, tepee-oriented festies under our belt, the next one on our social calendar is Splore.

Set alongside the picturesque shores of Tapapakanga Bay from February 17 – 19, this year’s festival is set to be bigger and better than ever. Themed ‘Strangely Familiar’, the family friendly festival has introduced new zones to chill out and refuel, and get a little weird, of course.

Check out our ten commandments on how to get your party animal on at Splore 2017.

1. Thou shalt get an epic costume sussed
If there’s one thing Splore is known for, it’s the fanciful dress-up parties that take place on the second night of the festival. From superheroes and mermaids to escaped circus creatures and illuminated robots, the only limit to Splore’s dress-up parties is your own imagination. Lacking inspiration? Check out some of the epic costumes spotted at last year’s festival: 

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2. Thou shalt memorise the line-up
Fat Freddy’s Drop, Skye & Ross, Beardyman, Weird Together, Hollie Smith, Lady Leshurr… need we say more? This year’s line-up has the best of local and international acts, across a mix of genres ranging from house, rap, dance and soul. You’ll want to write your fave acts on your hand/a napkin/your friend to avoid missing out.

3. Thou shalt respect your beautiful environment
Tapapakanga Bay is situated in a National Park, along NZ’s pristine coastline. Keep it that way by abiding by the ‘pack in, pack out’ rule and leave only footprints, not rubbish.

4. Thou shalt try something new
Never tried performance art? Now’s your chance. Join in an expressive dance performance, learn the art of parkour, break your flash mob virginity or make like Miley by getting your twerk on.

5. Thou shalt visit the new Ceres Organics Wellness Central area
Regenerate your mind and body at the range of informative and experiential workshops, presentations and activities at the new Ceres Organics Wellness Central area. Learn a two-minute stress busting technique, get your ha-ha on at Laughter Yoga, be inspired with new lunch box ideas for ideas, or discover new herbal remedies.

6. Thou shalt fill thy tank at The Breakfast Bar
There’s no doubt that breakfast is our favourite meal of the day, better still, if it can be enjoyed at any hour! Open from 8am until 11pm on Saturday and Sunday, the Ceres Organics Breakfast Bar will be offering up certified organic and wholesome foods while you watch keen yoginis practice at your feet.

7. Thou shalt leave the glitter, glowsticks and booze at home
We’re a country of fish lovers, right? Let’s keep it that way by not poisoning our underwater friends by swimming with glitter on – it ends up in their digestive system. Glowsticks go straight to landfill after one use, and BYO booze compromises licensing agreements and may jeopardise the festival for future years. Let your garments be the only things that sparkle, and your booze come from one of the many on site bars.

©Jason Burgess ]Splore 2016 Saturday evening Sunday By Jason Burgess-115

8. Thou shalt keep an open mind
Splore is all about liberation and libation, idealism and interactivity, creative showcase and community springboard. What you contribute in energy, you reap in the opening of your mind. Celebrate differences, it’s what makes life interesting.

9. Thou shalt keep up on the action over on Instagram
Keep up to date with all the Splore happenings by jumping onto Insta and following @splorefestival, asap. Better yet, contribute your own snaps and tag them in!

10. Thou shalt hug a stranger
It’s not as scary as you may think. Spreading the love and good vibes will keep everyone’s spirits up, and is totally in line with the Splore state of mind.

Haven’t got your ticket yet? You should – they’re selling fast.

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Feature Image: Jason Burgess Photography