the strokes 'comedown machine' comeback

By Claudia Innes After spending many years burning through the leeway they earned with once being declared saviours of rock ‘n’ roll, the Strokes have released their fifth studio album 'Comedown Machine'. I have to admit, I was starting to wonder if the band whose posters once sprawled my walls and whose songs were the sole inspiration to my teenage girl band dreams had disappeared for good. The synth-heavy album is a particularly mellow version of the indie pop band that personified the early 2000’s. Although it’s not exactly how I remember the Strokes, it’s definitely not all bad. Their new sound has the same catchy riffs and elegant melodies, except with a more moody and grown up feel. The song after which the album is titled, ‘80s comedown machine’, sees Julian Casablancas do his usual charming serenade with ease, but unfortunately there are a number of songs on the album that just feel forced. It’s no surprise then that the album is the final release in fulfilling the bands contract agreement with long time label RCA, and is actually a compilation of new and leftover material. 'Comedown Machine' sees the band attempt to relive their old days, but in doing so they produced a hugely diverse range of tracks compiled together in a somewhat confused album. Either way it’s worth a listen just to hear the classic Strokes sound in songs like ‘Happy Ending’, ‘All The Time’, and ‘One Way trigger’. Album available now on iTunes. The Strokes Comedown Machine