The Louis Vuitton Dom

  Louis Vuitton Condoms By Sian Hogan   You thought the best things in life were free, right? Wrong. Taking the Internet by storm is the latest ‘must have’ designer accessory. And boy, is it ridiculous.   The Louis Vuitton condom.   Designed by Irakli Kiziria and sheathed (ahem) in wrappers printed with Vuitton's iconic brown monogram, this posh contraceptive creation features all the regular condom basics, additionally adorned with raised ‘LV’ lettering, for your...erm..pleasure. Wow.   At $68 a pop, Louis Vuitton loving does not come cheap and we are scratching our heads as to who, besides Kanye West, could be bothered to spend that much money on something you really can only use once…   However, before you even start to contemplate popping down to your nearest LV store to have a sneaky peek, stop. Louis Vuitton are not actually affiliated with this venture – whatsoever. Although we suspect Marc Jacobs is secretly enjoying a good giggle. At least we hope he is.   All jokes aside, the condoms are in fact, the product of a collaboration with Design Provocation and are set to launch on World AIDS Day, with proceeds going to amfAAR, The Foundation For AIDS Research. Louis Vuitton Condoms 2