Studio 54 Revisited

What's not to love about Studio 54? We're looking forward to taking a trip back to disco on Saturday 3rd November at James for 'Studio 54 Revisited,' a night that celebrates this decadent, hedonistic and iconic late 1970s New York Nightclub. DJs Murry Sweetpants & Nigel Love will be laying down the groovy disco, disco remixes & current house'n'funk, whilst dancers beautifully co-ordinate a visual feast. Roller girls will be serving '70's inspired shooters on arrival & guests will be treated to a delicious cheese fondue & a decadent chocolate fondue to satisfy late night cravings. A sexy Studio 54 vibe will be recreated and you will even find the famous 'Moon & Spoon'! Get your tickets now, it's going to be a wild night! Studio 54 Revisited