It's Been A Long Road To Connection Recovery

Working at a magazine it's pretty essential to be connected. We take it for granted that we can have easy access to the internet, call a client or a showroom on the phone to arrange a meeting, use social media and the like. And when these channels of communication break down, well then you realise how much you rely on it. We moved into our swanky new office in the social hub of Ponsonby Road, guns blazing ready to get stuck in to our new issue, after spending the previous week wrapping up the old office, only to be greeted with a myriad of hassles. Firstly no internet and we'll tell you the local cafes quickly grew tired of us lurking around their quarters for hours on end, maximising their internet. There are only so many flat whites you can buy... Fortunately the kindly business above us let us use their internet while we sorted ourselves out. We'd also arranged to have our phone line switched over, which proved to be a very slow transistion and after spending hours on the phone to automated voices we'd arranged to have our lines connected in a week. A week went by, phone calls were made, more automated voices were sat through, our account was lost or misplaced, rescheduling was made, and we are still waiting... 5 weeks down the track. Fortunately last week we got in touch with Telecom's Business Hub who have put us on the road to recovery in a couple of easy steps. We've added an extra line so each office has its own, we've got some speedy internet going in to sort out the emails and social media (all business related of course). We literally filled out one quick form and bang, tomorrow we're getting it all set up. Not looking forward to checking that Voicemail after 5 weeks of no phones... Find out more here.