Tarantino's films are all connected: Confirmation of the singular universe theory

Two-time Oscar winner and 2016 Golden Globe nominee Quentin Tarantino has touched down on our shores! His first New Zealand appearance is for the premiere of his latest film The Hateful Eight, screening tonight in Newmarket.  However, that’s not the only reason Tarantino is currently being talked about in the Remix office. Recently, he admitted on The Project Tonight that the singular universe theory - a theory believed by fans that Tarantino’s films occupy a single hyper-violent universe (and therefore are all intertwined) - ‘isn’t 100% correct.’ Instead, he has now said that there are in fact two universes, confirming that indeed that the masterpieces that are Tarantino's films are all connected (we knew it!) ‘There’s a realer than real universe, alright, that all the characters inhabit,’ he says, before adding the next layer: the ‘Movie Universe.’ ‘So basically when the characters of Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, when they go to the movies... Kill Bill is what they go see. From Dusk Til Dawn is what they go see.’ Boom, mind blown. quentin_tarantino_68154 Now, when you watch The Hateful Eight start thinking about the above - one of the characters in this flick has got a secret family member lurking in that ‘realer than real’ universe. Tarantino claims that if you are a fan of his work you will surely pick up on which character but the only clue he gives is, ‘the actor was originally cast as that character in the other film but they weren’t able to do it due to a scheduling conflict.' The Hateful Eight is out in New Zealand cinemas on the 21st of January. Watch the trailer here.