Subaru's Fantastic New Crossover Finally Makes It To New Zealand

Subaru CrossoverSubaru have spent a long time perfecting this new ride of theirs and it’s finally here. The XV is widely touted by Subaru as a mixture of all the best things they’ve ever done – a sort of “Subaru’s Greatest Hits” – in the form of an SUV crossover. So what’s it like? Well, the Subaru standards are here: their Boxer engine keeps it all going while high ground clearance and All Wheel Drive mean it can muscle on through just about anything. Probably most interesting to us is its rather nifty Auto Start Stop system. Here’s how it works. You’re driving along towards an intersection and the light turns red, so you stop. So does the engine and it won’t start up again until you take your foot off the brake. It gets a bit eerie when the engine’s dead silent and no doubt elderly passengers will insist you’ve stalled, but it works seamlessly and saves both petrol and our green and pleasant land. Find out more about the new XV here.