Styles fans to Styles fans: #RespectHarry!

It's kind of impossible not to love Harry Styles; his voice, his new album, his latest acting role, his hair... anyway, we get it. But a few girls have allegedly taken their adoration a bit far, and understandably, Harry wasn't happy about it. Neither were his fans. 

Harry Styles' huge fan base was outraged when screenshots of texts, tweets and messages from a group of girls trying to become Harry's groupies were posted on Twitter by @nomoresadstyles. The girls allegedly waited outside Harry's apartment dressed in silk robes and lacy tank tops, trying to give him flowers. According to the messages, the girls' aim was to meet Harry then try to get into his inner circles so they could "do all the things that groupies do": 'look hot', 'go backstage', 'hang with the band', 'know private things'... anyway, they didn't succeed. Harry turned the girls away.


Twitter @nomoresadstyles

Though these girls hopefully just wanted to show Harry how much they adore him, they may have overstepped the line. Harry deserves time away from the public eye in his home, and to come and go from his home undisturbed. The internet agreed, and within hours of the screenshots being posted, the hashtag #RespectHarry went viral on Twitter as fans rallied around Harry to emphasise the importance of his privacy. 

Girls, we love him too, but there are definitely more chill ways to show your appreciation of his work, without Harry having to put up with invasive fans or media. 

The #RespectHarry hashtag is an important reminder that even the biggest stars need to be treated with respect. As long as no-one is attacking anyone else personally online, we are all for any reminder, viral or not, to #RespectHarry, and in fact, to #RespectAllCelebrities, and #RespectEveryone. 



Feature image: Variety