This spooky drive-in movie theatre has popped up in Auckland

It’s Halloween, and a festival celebrating all things spooky has arrived in Auckland. Hell Horror Festival New Zealand are dragging the thrilling occasion out for a whole week. ASB Showgrounds will be transformed into an old fashioned drive in theatre playing all the best horror movies and there will even be horror maze. This event is not for the faint hearted! 

The terrifying festival has been bought to us by Hells Pizza and we have been assured that there will be lots of pizza to feast on. Halloween night marks the opening night and what better way to kick things off with one of the classic horror movies of all time, A Nightmare on Elm Street. 

The line up for the rest of the week includes Happy Death Day, Jigsaw, Annabelle Creation and IT. Unfortunately Saturday nights screening of IT has already sold out but you can still buy tickets to all of the other screenings. 

Each night the horror maze will match the theme of the movie so tonight watch out for Freddy Kruger and if you are scared of clowns, I’d recommend not entering that maze on Saturday night. The maze will consist of multiple rooms and corridors to get lost in all while being terrorised by some of New Zealand’s best scare actors. 

So grab your friends, as long as their over 18, and head down to ASB Showgrounds to get the fright of your life all while doing it in classic drive in movie style. For more information and to get tickets head to Iticket.

(Feature Image: Hell Horror Fest)