The Spice Girls are reuniting and we are SO happy!

Our lives may be about to be spiced up once again with a recent announcement by Posh Spice regarding a Spice Girls reunion. Victoria Beckham shed light on a new album being kick-started, leaving us with confirmation that yes, dreams do come true.

A reunion was confirmed by Mel B last year, one which excluded Posh Spice. But, much to our delight, Posh is back in her little black dress and will be joining the rest of the crew in their reunion, which includes an album and a television special!

Working with former boss Simon Fuller for the reunion, the Spice Girls aim to be zig-a-zig-a-ahhing in no time.

According to Simon Fuller, this process has been tough because of the difficulty of getting all the girls together at the same time.

β€œIt is not easy to get them all in the same place at the same time. But the team behind the reunion are delighted to have made it to this point,” a former assistant of the group, who is now working on the reunion, stated. 

While we had our doubts, it appears true that the Spice Girls will Viva Forever! We are so ready for some 90s nostalgia...


Image credits: Billboard, The Daily Beast