Sola Rosa: Low And Behold, High And Beyond

Sola Rosa: Low and Behold, High and Beyond By Ashlee Gilbertson Low And Behold, High and Beyond is the latest release from internationally acclaimed NZ musical collective Sola Rosa. Staying true to their signature sound, their latest installment again combines the elements of hip hop, reggae, latin, soul and funk and jazz. Each track is soulful in its own way and the album creatively mixes it up by featuring a vast range of vocalists, collaborating with the likes of Olivier Daysoul, L.A. Mitchell, Ned Worboys and Miles Bonny. ‘Spinning Top’  featuring L.A. Mitchell’s polished voice, awakens a somewhat jazzy, electro, R&B-style rhythm. This single is infectious and lyrically the song provides a clever metaphoric and romantic story board of the infatuation phase. The 11 track album is an effortless listen so it's not hard to see why Sola Rose are in such high demand for festival circuits both locally and internationally. We've got a feeling this album will be on heavy rotation throughout the kiwi summer. We have 2x copies of the album to give away. Click here to enter.