skating goodness coming out of la casa!

Residency: Natas Kaupas from Corona NZ on Vimeo. Earlier this month we were hyped about the release of an exclusive sneak peak into The Temper Trap recording sessions at La Casa!   Now we’re pumped again because the La Casa creative team has just released behind the scenes videos of skaters Dylan Riederand Natas Kaupas during their ten day La Casa residency of ramp building, creating and relaxation. The first video is an incredible insight into American pro-skater Dylan Rieder, who currently rides for Gravis, Analog, Thunder, Spitfire, MOB, Jack's Garage, Swiss, Roughneck Hardware, Alien Workshop. The second video of Natas Kaupas above is an equally epic insight into the La Casa residency by a guy often considered to be the world’s first professional street skateboarder! Both videos were created by La Casa filmmaker Riley Blakeway. Check out the video of Natas Kaupas released today above and head on over to to see the video of Dylan Rieder released last week! Dylan Rieder La Casa