Six of your fave childhood classics to revisit this weekend

Can you remember a time before we got whisked away into a tumultuous love affair with Netflix? Us neither.

It’s like a bad relationship you just can’t cut ties with, it’s not positive to any aspect of life but before you know it you’ve been sucked in with no way of escape… and if there was of course we wouldn’t use it because it’s just so damn good.

This weekend, forget adulthood and all the headaches it brings for a while and revert to the carefree days of yesteryear with our pick of the best childhood classics on Netflix right now. 

Our favourite telekinetic tinker is back on our screens with this recent update to Netflix. The 1996 film, starring Danny DeVito, reignites all those forgotten feelings of compassion for poor Matilda and fear of the terrifying Miss Trunchbull. Yes, it’s over 20 years later but the wicked principal still makes us quake in our boots. Warning: may lead to feelings of despair after we realise that it is still impossible to move cheerios with the power of our minds – we can, however, polish of a whole chocolate cake Bruce Bogtrotter style.

The Parent Trap
We’re all guilty of spending our adolescence wishing we could bump into our own mischievous, identical, partner in crime thanks to this Walt Disney classic. Kick back and get whistling to ‘Here Come’s The Sun’ because The Parent Trap is on Netflix and it’s ready to make you champion Lindsay Lohan’s flame haired characters all over again. Fantastic throwback, but we are still wondering why it took 22 minutes of film time, a discussion over birthdays and a mutual love for peanut butter covered oreos for Annie and Hallie to finally realise they’re twins. Come on girls, you look exactly the same.  

1 hour and 44 minutes of uninterrupted, unadulterated nostalgic adventure. The American fantasy film is back in all its magical glory. Be transported to the world of make believe with animal stampedes, carnivorous plants, mischievous monkeys and super-sized arachnids in this tale of a twisted board game. You’ll soon be remembering why this was a Robin Williams featured VCR favourite and with a remake on the horizon, our love for the jungle madness isn’t going anywhere.

A talking donkey, a quick-witted ogre and a princess with a hideous secret – what’s not to love? With crude humour and more thinly veiled adult themed jokes than a bachelorette party, revisiting this classic as a grown up proves even more rewarding. An animated classic with an adult edge. With the second and the third film on there, not to mention some seasonal spin offs, you’ll be set for the day - just don’t forget to stock up on snacks.

Another Robin Williams’ hit, Professor Philip Brainard and his slimy sidekick are back dancing on our screens. Ignore the one star Rotten Tomatoes review and get lost in the wonderfulness of silly, light hearted, easy to watch fantasy. You’ll remember how weirdly easy it is to gain affection for the cute, mischievous green little guy - who is essentially nothing more than a mass of green sludge and a science experiment gone wrong.

Stuart Little
Ah, Stuart Little. The film, based on E.B White’s children’s novel, about an adorable new addition to the Little household, is available at the click of a button to satisfy all those nostalgic needs. Delightful, car-driving, jeans sporting, charming smiled Stuart provides oodles of childish fun, admittedly not an overly thoughtful plot but an interesting one nevertheless that creates the ultimate escape from adulthood.