Queen Bey is being sued for $20 million

The one and only Queen Bey has been all over the press recently with her latest announcement of welcoming a set of twins into the world. It seems that the media can’t escape from the singer, as more news about Beyoncé has recently surfaced. However, this news is not so positive, as she is reportedly being sued for more than $20 million.

Beyoncé’s hit 'Formation' is the song in question for the suing, due to apparent sampling of the voice of deceased rapper, Anthony Barré, who went under the stage name Messy Mya.

The line in focus is the 'Oh yes I like that' line, which is derived from the 2010 'A 27-Piece Huh' video posted by Barré, which features some of his last words before his death, one month later. This line can be heard at roughly the one-minute mark of the 'Formation' video and was apparently used without the permission of Barré.

Therefore, the deceased estate asking for over $20 million in damages and royalties, making this the second lawsuit for Beyoncé’s Lemonade album, after a previous dismissed lawsuit last year.

Make up your mind for yourselves by checking out the original track below: