The motorcycle girl squad that's breaking barriers

In many ways, we are living in a generation that is constantly breaking down barriers and rebelling against social norms, bearing women a new rush of opportunities that were not available in the past.  

Breaking down their own barriers and triggered from the idea of moto groups popping up in the US, the moto-obsessed, bad-ass girl squad - The Litas, was born.

The Litas, a group of tight-knit, powerful women from an array of different backgrounds, have connected to share their love for motorbiking, and most importantly, each other. They have become a worldwide network allowing Litas to meet up with each other and bond no matter where are they are on this vast planet of ours- there’s even a branch of our very own Kiwi Lita’s. The best part is, you don't even need to be a pro to join!

We recently spoke to The Litas' very own Jess Haggett, to hear about her crazy ride into creating one of the biggest and baddest women influences of the motorcycle scene and how it encourages connections like no other.

What inspired you to start up The Litas?
I saw female only moto groups popping up around the US and thought to myself, “Salt Lake City could have a group like that!". At the time, I didn’t know any women who rode motorcycles, and it looked so fun to ride with girls vs. just guys all the time. It wasn’t some grand plan, it was more of a passing thought that snowballed into something huge naturally.

Could you tell us what influenced you to name yourselves ‘The Litas’?
I tried thinking of names that had to do with women, motorcycles, or Salt Lake City, but just came up with the most awful names. I’m terrible at naming things. So, when my friend Paige suggested we called it The Litas, it was pretty much the only option. It doesn’t have any second or alternative meaning, but I knew if we grew large enough, that it would take on a form of its own, and I think it certainly has!

What do you Lita’s get up to when you hang out?
Mostly go for rides. Many members become good friends though as well, so they’ll hang out a tonne outside of actual Litas events just on a regular basis. When the weather is bad, we will plan other things like wrench nights, or brunch.

What do you learn from being a Lita, and what’s the best thing about being one?
I think you learn to appreciate all types of bikes and women from different backgrounds. Once you get to know all these women you wouldn’t know otherwise, it gives you a new love and appreciation for women who are different from you. The best thing about being a Lita is creating these amazing life-long friendships, and cursing down the road with 15 women. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to be part of something so cool!

What advice or insight would you give anyone who is thinking of becoming a member of The Litas?
I would say do it! You’ll feel so welcomed and loved right off the bat. It’s an open, positive environment to learn to become a better rider and get to know women who are just as obsessed with their motorcycles as you are.

How did you expand your business for it to become something anyone can participate in, worldwide?
I put a tonne of time, energy, and thought into this piece of the puzzle. I knew I wanted it to be able to grow, but also knew that I myself have limited time and resources. So I had to figure out a way that each city could grow simultaneously while we grew as a whole. We have three founders in each city, and they run the group on their own. This is pretty much the only reason we are able to grow the way we do.


Do you have to be an avid motorbiker to join, or can you be more of an amateur?
You can be a total amateur. We definitely recommend that you go and take the riders course ASAP, but you have to learn somehow. It can be SO NICE to have other women to ask questions to when just starting out. No judgement, just support and answers.

What do you think makes you guys the most bad-ass girl squad we have today?
Because The Litas are all inclusive. We celebrate our differences, but are also able to come together as a community.

To learn more about these chicas, head to their website - you can also find out more about their New Zealand branch and where these ladies hang out around NZ so you can join up!