Is Lucy Hale joining Riverdale!?

Ever since Season 1 of Riverdale finished, fans have been searching high and low for any hints of whats to come in the following season - and the latest (and greatest) news we have heard so far is that Remix cover girl Lucy Hale may be joining the cast for the upcoming season! 

And since Pretty Little Liars has now ended (sob), it seems like Lucy has a bit more time on her hands. Rumour has it she is doing some new and exciting projects, and we are all hoping this is one of them.

Fans went crazy after looking at Madelaine Petsch's Instagram photo of the Riverdale Vixens on set. 


put your leg up on my hip, when you dip I dip we dip

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Someone then noticed Lucy's comment on the picture which read: "I want to superimpose myself into this." And that isn't even the best part!

Madelaine then replied "@lucyhale we shall recreate when ur here." 

We can barely contain our excitement. Lucy has not been shy about her love for the series having us assume that she would jump at the chance to be apart of the show. 

The next question, who would Lucy play? A main character in the comics is Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which directors decided not to include in Season 1 due to them feeling it would've distracted from the issues in that current season - but they didn't say anything about not including her in Season 2. Although Sabrina has blonde hair, we are sure Lucy can be made to look the part! But now we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Riverdale Season 2 is set to make it's debut on the 11th of October and we can hardly wait!