Everything you need to know about the Love Actually sequel

Fans of Love Actually are on red alert across the globe - the 13-year wait is over.

A 10-minute follow-up film, Red Nose Day Actually, is here with juicy updates on all our favourite characters - who’s together, who’s still up to no good, and who’s still sporting their signature turtle neck - you guessed it, Jamie (Colin Firth). No air date is secured for NZ yet, but we’ve scooped up a few spoilers from the British TV screening.

Right from the word go, Mark (Andrew Lincoln) is still waving his classic placards at poor Juliet (Kiera Knightly), but fortunately Mark's scored the one and only Kate Moss as his wife.

The film also features a rowdy dance rendition of 'Hotline Bling' performed by none other than David (Hugh Grant), who is somehow still killing it in career-wise as Prime Minister. He’s also still sipping tea with wife Natalie.


Washed up rocker Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) appears in the recording studio to assert he’s as “Mack-nificent” as ever, claiming he has bedded more than one Kardashian on Radio Watford.

And Jamie's marriage to Aurelia is still going strong despite his apparent struggle to get to grips with Portuguese language, or the amount of children entering his life. 

Unfortunately the passing of Alan Rickman leaves the sad absence of his character Harry, remembered by Billy Mack as "a big man... big heart... big coffin... big hole in my life" (cue the tears!)

Red Nose Day Actually aired as a comic relief fundraiser for Cure Kids.