Lady Gaga releases teasers for her new doco!

Lady Gaga, possibly one of the most real and raw musicians we have around today, has given us another open invite into her heart and soul. Mother Monster has recently been releasing teasers on her Instagram for new Netflix doco Five Foot Two.

The documentary, set to air on September 22nd, follows Gaga for a year to create an honest and authentic documentary exhibiting her life from relationships, health issues and dealing with insecurities.

One of the clips she shared on Instagram involves her admitting how lonely she feels despite constantly being in the public eye. In tears she says, "I'm alone, every night, and all these people will leave... They will leave and I'll be home alone. I go from everyone touching me all day, and talking at me all day, to total silence."

Filmmaker Chris Moukarbel, says he feels lucky to have created something so special with Gaga who has such an open heart and mind. We can't wait to get an inside look into the life of Gaga in a different form other than her music, keep your eyes peeled for its release on the 22nd of September!