Kate Moss set to star in Love Actually sequel

This match made in heaven may be love at first sight.

Kate Moss is in front of the camera once again, but this time appearing in the Red Nose Day sequel for our favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner film, Love Actually.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, the release of the short film is still two months away. Mark May 24 in your diaries, now! This gives us more than enough time to get better versed with the original a couple (or more) times.

In collaboration with Red Nose Day, the short film is meant to create awareness around child poverty.

The fashion icon has dipped her feet in a number of industries including music, interior design, management and film. In addition to her acting performances in Zoolander 2, where she made an appearance as herself and Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, this is Moss’ third major acting role.

Her role in the sequel is unannounced as of yet, so for now, we’ll just have to keep guessing.


Photo source: Wmagazine.com, ababyonboard.com