Absolutely everywhere: Kiwi celebs and fashion brands jump on board Junk Free June

[gallery columns="5" link="file" ids="6083,6082,6078,6081,6079"] If you've noticed your newsfeed full with delicious meals over the past few days, that’ll be because of Junk Free June. Junk Free June is a new initiative created by The Cancer Society of New Zealand to raise awareness about healthy eating and to raise funds for cancer care and research. The idea is pretty simple... Participants identify a junk food in their diet they could do without eating and commit to cutting it out for the month. 'Junk' is self-defined by the participant - it could be all refined sugars, it could be all processed foods or it could be as simple as removing the daily sweet treat. Junk is different for everyone, so each person's sacrifice for the month is different as well. Friends and family support participants' efforts by donating to them - all proceeds then go directly to The Cancer Society of New Zealand. Pretty sweet deal, right? No pun intended... What makes this campaign even cooler is that by raising money, participants unlock prizes and vouchers from some of New Zealand's most loved brands. Just by taking part and raising money, you can win prizes from the likes of Huffer, Stolen Girlfriends Club, I Love Ugly, Meadowlark, Smashbox and much more. Actual real rad prizes! Heaps of Kiwi celebs are taking part, including foodies Nadia Lim, Millie Holmes, Julia and Libby Matthews and Jordan Rondel 'The Caker'. Our contributing fashion editors Katherine Lowe, Jaime Ridge and Amber Peebles are taking part, as is Remix publisher Tim Phin. Keep an eye out for Stan Walker, FOUREYES, Frankie Adams, Leilani Momoisa taking part as well. Click here to visit the official website and to start doing Junk Free June yourself. You can start whenever you like! And follow the progress using the hashtag #JunkFreeJune on Facebook and Instagram.