Jennifer Lawrence: A love affair worthy of an award

gallery-1456710235-jennifer-lawrence-1 It’s Oscar night again and time for us all to turn our attention to the actors and actresses that give us a reason to stuff our face with popcorn at the cinema. While the whole world will be watching Leo tonight - and we do wish him well, we also have to give mention to a very special lady who is close to our hearts – Jennifer Lawrence. J-Law is no stranger to an Oscar, after winning one in 2013 and being nominated 4 times in her short career so far. Tonight she is nominated for best actress in a leading role for the film Joy. As a strong candidate, we would not be surprised if she ended up with another Oscar for on top of her fireplace. However, just incase she doesn’t – here’s why we think she wins at life in general.

1. She doesn’t try to impress anyone. 
Jennifer Lawrence was the lucky last to walk the Red Carpet this evening, keeping everyone waiting. A rumour even sparked of her skipping the Red Carpet for a backdoor entrance, showing us that fans really never know what to expect with this one. Predictable is boring Jen, you go girl.

2. She’s the definition of girl power.
She’s not afraid of speaking up for her fellow ladies. This year at the Women in Film Pre-Oscar party Lawrence made a surprise speech demanding equal pay for women in Hollywood.

3. She handles media situations with grace.
From haters to nude photo leaks, Jennifer has proven to us throughout the years that she can handle any unfair situation that the spotlight throws at her. Bouncing back stronger than ever and even becoming an inspiration to many along the way.

4. She is a smart businesswoman.
Jennifer has taken herself from a $3000 a week paycheck in 2010 to becoming the Forbes listed highest paid female actress in Hollywood. At the age of 25 and earning approximately $20 million per film, her extreme business skills are not to be underestimated.

5. She’s relatable.
This Hollywood ‘it girl’ has managed to achieve all her success whilst still maintaining a relatable humour, clumsiness and overall real-ness. Jennifer Lawrence has achieved something only the greats can do - maintain the public favour while winning over the critics too. Good luck for tonight Jen and may the odds be ever in your favour.