We can't wait to try Instagram's latest feature!

For many of us, Instagram is our go-to place for all our social media needs. The social media giant has long dominated the photo-sharing world and continually gives us new and exciting ways to interact with celebs and friends alike. As of October 3rd, we can now do more than ever - Instagram has launched it's polling feature!

We make decisions every day: which jumper should I wear because it's cold now, but could be warm later? Should I have salad or Pizza for dinner? Gym or Netflix? Now you can get your friends true opinions.

Day-to-day decisions have been made easier and more interactive with Instagram's polling feature. Snap a pic, choose the 'poll' sticker, and give your followers a choice between two options. Your followers will be able to start polling as soon as you post, giving you real-time updates of what people really think! Pollers won't be able to see who has voted for what, but you can! Like usual, these Instagram polls will only last for 24 hours. Time to get snapping!


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(feature imagery by The Independent & Entrepreneur)