Here Is How You Can Support Our Local Low-Vision Community This Year

In Aotearoa, someone develops blindness every three hours, leaving an estimated 193,000 individuals living with blindness or low vision. Guide dog training programs are an integral part of supporting those living with low vision. In fact, training to become a guide dog is one of the most rigorous programmes among all service animals, requiring immense dedication and resources.

Image via Blind Low Vision NZ

Blind Low Vision NZ supports the Guide Dog Puppy Appeal Week each year and starting on 20th March 2024, dedicated street collection volunteers will be in the community over the weekend of Friday, 22nd March and Saturday, 23rd March to encourage our local communities to support this important initiative.

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Your generous donation plays a crucial role in funding the nurturing and training of these puppies to help aid in reducing the wait list for guide dogs. Your support makes a huge impact on enhancing the lives of those in need. 


To donate online, visit here