Maya Payne's taste of success

Maya Payne has been one to watch from the moment she began to sing at six years old. Her ability to song-write carries immense potential to mega-success, with a unique raw conviction and varying ability. Between the words she writes, the tune she sings and the production of her tracks, we should see the Christchurch born singer pursue a music career to her heart's content.

The 19-year old got a taste of the spotlight after the success off her singles Fragile and If Only gained traction across online platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud, and she's used that as motivation to create new material for what's next. She's just released a new EP and again she's making waves - she's even been noticed by actress Chloe Moretz, girlfriend of Brooklyn Beckham, who recently tweeted about Maya’s song Self Defined off her new EP, 'The Lucky Ones'. 

Remix writer Fiona Connor caught up with Maya to see what she's been up to since releasing her EP, where she wants to go and what's to come...

How were you feeling off the success of If Only?
It was really cool hearing people’s feedback of If Only and I loved getting messages from people all over the world. There was this girl from Poland who messaged me and told me I helped her get through her studies which was definitely a kick like: you are actually in some way inspiring someone, how cool is it that I have the chance to do this? But I've always been motivated to keep creating, now more than ever I know exactly what I want to do and I'm super excited to keep making music.

Are you finding inspiration for new music and song-writing? 
I'm in full blown writing mode right now. I think there is always inspiration for a song, I write my songs about pretty much anything. A lot are about something I am feeling. But I know exactly what I want music wise, with my next project you'll definitely be able to hear it.

What were some of the feelings you were expressing through your EP? 
I wanted 'The Lucky Ones' EP to show my journey. The first song I had produced was Fragile when I was 16 and I thought it was really crucial to have an updated version of it on the EP. For me that song shows a very vulnerable time in my life, but then with songs like We Are the Wild, which I wrote when I was 18, there’s a huge idea of empowerment and getting out of my skin.

Who have you had in your life that has supported and helped you get to this moment?
I can't even name them all, there have been so many people who have supported me and given me a chance. You really don't realise how amazingly kind people are. There’s also my family and friends who have always supported me and pushed me.

Are you looking to travel anytime soon? 
At the moment my plan this year is to live in Berlin for a while and work on new music with producers there. I've also been invited to a song-writing camp in Black Rock Studios in Santorini, Greece which i'm super excited about. There will be so many talented writers and musicians there and I can't wait to learn and create as much as possible.

What are you looking forward to most in pursuing music? 
Playing festivals! I'd love to one-day play at festivals all around the world. Travelling is something I really want to do and if I can travel and play music I'll be happy.

Listen to Maya's new song The Lucky Ones, off her EP of the same name, below.