Five things you need to know about Kings

Auckland based music producer Kings is the man behind the summer anthem we've had on repeat for months, Don’t Worry Bout It. The track has remained in the NZ Top 50 charts week after week - shining the spotlight on the New Zealand music industry. But who is this musical maestro? Remix caught up with Kings to discover more about talented singer. 

1. Kings sourced his inspiration for the Don’t Worry Bout’ It video from the incredible vistas and party vibes from his first time trip to Mana Island in Fiji. He filmed with no intentions of the video blowing up as much as it did.

2. Kings is not only a music producer, he is also a singer and a songwriter.

3. Before being signed as an artist two years ago, Kings did four years of producing work for commercials.

4. Six years ago, he started a label called Arch Angel Records, which is signed to Warner Music.

5. There is a Kings album in the horizon for 2017 (and we just can’t wait). Speaking of, the highly anticipated video for his hit Some Day premieres today. Directed by David Schaaf, Kings explains his motivation for the song: 'I think everybody has experienced or been a part of a relationship that wasn't necessarily right for them... I wanted to convey a male perspective on the situation. There aren't many songs at the moment that shine light on what a dude goes through when he loses someone he was connected too. Especially if they are more sensitive to those sorts of situations.'

Check it out below: