The must-see film with Lady Gaga in lead role

If there's one thing we can predict about 2018, it's that we'll be glued to the big screen come September 28. That's the release date for the Bradley Cooper's A Star is Born remake, featuring Lady Gaga in the lead role.

A Star is Born will be both Bradley Cooper's directorial debut, and Lady Gaga's biggest acting role yet. Cooper will star as Jack, a country star on the brink of decline and Lady Gaga as Ally, a talented yet largely unknown singer-songwriter who he coaxes to fame. As the two fall in love, Jack must face the difficult reality that Ally's career is far eclipsing any of his own successes.

Gaga will also be composing much of the film's music, though she'll be using her real name Stefani Germanotta in the credits. She invited her own fans to star as extras in a concert scene of the film, with a $US10 event at a club near Coachella Valley that took place last month.

This will be the third time A Star is Born hits big screens since the 50's. The film was originally directed by Judy Garland in 1954 and remade by Barbara Streisand in 1976. We can't wait to see what Cooper's got in store for this timeless tale.