Everything You Need To Know About Ariana's New Album

The iconic Ariana Grande has announced on her Instagram that her new album 'Eternal Sunshine' is being released tomorrow, and the Remix girlies CAN’T WAIT!

Image via @arianagrande

Grande is captured in a stunning red and white ensemble in the teaser reel posted on her gram. The striking red is hinting the intensity of human emotions of love and lust with the white serving as a poignant reminder of Grande’s innocence, a trait we’ve all cherished since her Nickelodeon days. She effortlessly embraces the role of a savvy businesswoman, drawing our attention to her signature red lipstick line under her brand, r.e.m beauty. 

It has been reported that Grande began working on this album in September 2023, with the writer's strike putting off her new adventure, ‘Wicked.’ ‘Eternal Sunshine’ will be Popstar’s seventh studio album. If the first pre-released track, ‘yes, and?’ is anything to go by, we're in for a real banger with this album.

Image via @arianagrande

Eternal Sunshine full tracklist:

  1. "Intro (End of the World)"
  2. "Bye"
  3. "Don't Wanna Break Up Again" 
  4. "Saturn Returns Interlude"
  5. "Eternal Sunshine" 
  6. "Supernatural"
  7. "True Story" 
  8. "The Boy Is Mine" 
  9. "Yes, And?" 
  10. "We Can't Be Friends (Wait for Your Love)"
  11. "I Wish I Hated You" 
  12. "Imperfect for You" 
  13. "Ordinary Things" (featuring Nonna)