The eight podcasts all girl bosses listen to

Whether you have a love for multitasking or need something refreshing to listen to on the treadmill, these top eight podcasts for girl bosses are going to be your new best friend. They're perfect for that boost of motivation and best of all, they're free! These podcasts help creative female entrepreneurs reach their goals and develop the right mindset for the journey to success and are definitely worth checking out!

  1. Girl Boss Radio - Narrator, Sophia Amoruso practically invented the term 'girl boss'. Amoruso interviews a different renowned girl boss every episode, asking questions that we genuinely want to know the answer to. She interviews the best talent in the industry, who either run their own companies or have a respected reputation within the fashion and beauty industry. An episode worth listening to is Whitney Wolfe's (from Bumble). 
  2. Happier With Gretchen Rubin - Written by the author of three best-selling books, 'Happier' teaches its listeners how to live out their best life. If you've got a side hustle going on, interesting in blogging or find it hard to make tough decisions, then this is your go to- Rubin gives unmissable life hacks that will change your life. The episodes are short and sweet and are guaranteed to make your day a little happier.
  3. The Goal Digger Podcast - If you're interested in the business world of Instagram, then this is for you. Instagrammer, Jenna Kutcher, shares her favourite tips of growing her e-business and occasionally features special guest interviews. 
  4. Magic Lessons - From the women who brought you 'Eat, Pray, Love', Magic Lessons explores the subject of creativity and will make you want to put pen to paper.
  5. Stuff Mom Never Told You - Exactly what it sounds like; this podcast covers all the nitty gritty topics that you find in the real world. The episodes are diverse and cover subjects like 'making adult friends' and 'marriage vs. ambition'. 
  6. One Part Podcast - Host, Jessica Murnane narrates the perfect podcast sharing business inspiration, wellness tips and engaging conversation. One of our favourites is 'eating without limitations and labels' with guest speaker, Lily Diamond. 
  7. WANTcast - Women Against Negative Talk focuses on female empowerment, healing and self-confidence. The narrator, Katie Horwitch, one of the founding editors at The Chalkboard Magazine, left her job and started up a podcast which provides a platform for women to chat about authentic topics and the things that inspire them. 
  8. Glambition - Ali Brown squeezes the secrets to success out of her guests and shares an abundance of valuable information for business starters. Named as the top podcast for female entrepreneurs, Glambition aims to support their listeners in making money and changing the world while doing so. 

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