chicago extends run at auckland's q theatre

Did you catch Chicago while it was on at Q Theatre? No? Well ‘no drama’ because Auckland Theatre Company has extended the run of this classic musical until the end of this month. Directed by Michael Hurst, starring Lucy LawlessAmanda Billing and Shane CorteseChicago opened at the Q Theatre on November 1st and has been so warmly received by Kiwi audiences that it’s been extended beyond it’s original curtain call. Set in the legendary city during the Roaring Twenties, an era renowned for organised crime, alcohol prohibition and the very best jazz, Michael Hurst's version of this razor-sharp show about bad girls behaving badly brings all the sass, brass and ass of his most recent Auckland Theatre Company musical Cabaret (2010). “The thing about Chicago is that it underneath all the jazz and the fizz is the pulsing, wild, abandoned and desperate beating heart of a corrupt and exploitative society. It’s a dark, sexy and vicious tale, propelled by extraordinary music – the rhythms of murder and corruption; the rhythms of lust.  It’s a revelatory tale of the transience of celebrity. And it’s fabulous,” says Michael Hurst. One of the most famous shows of all time, Chicago contains all the elements of an unadulterated musical – celebrity, scandal, corruption, scantily-clad women and serious jazz hands. You’ve been given a second chance to get down there and check it out… so make sure you do! Get your tickets here   Chicago Auckland Q Theatre