Prepare to binge-watch Netflix new 'Girlboss'

What halfway intelligent person hasn't found themselves stuck at their dead-end job, fantasising about striking entrepreneurial gold, and eventually becoming a total girlboss?  

One such example of someone who turned their dreams into plans and can'ts into cans, comes the inimitable Sophia Amoruso, creator/CEO of former online boutique, Nasty Gal Vintage

A young Amoruso broke onto the fashion scene from humble beginnings (at times supplementing her lifestyle by dumpster diving), shilling her op-shop finds and vintage wares on eBay to rabid buyers, and growing to create an online platform to sell both vintage and original garments on her website, 

Following the huge success of the site, Amoruso authored the aspirational book, #GIRLBOSS – which, in classic NastyGal style, flew off the shelves. 

The entrepreneur fervently rode this wave of success as her business continued its astronomical growth, and, in 2016, Sophia featured on Forbes richest self-made women list.

But by the end of the year, she filed for bankruptcy.  

At 32-years-old, Sophia Amoruso has lived more life than the majority of us, and the ups and downs of her story are nothing short of compelling (trust us - we've read the book).

And in typical Netflix style, the streaming service cottoned on to her epic tale and has since adapted this wild ride for TV, with the first season of Girlboss set to be released in full on April 21.

Starring The Longest Ride star Britt Robertson as Sophia, the series chronicles the journey of a girl who took the best idea she had, and ran with it.

Supplemented by a stellar soundtrack, and a wardrobe that will have you scouring eBay as you watch – this show is sure to be on everybody’s ‘Netflix binge’ list.

Check out the trailer here: 

We. Can't. Wait.