Aussie DJ lads Peking Duk and their NZ love affair

It’s happy days for electronic music duo Peking Duk as their repertoire of hits continues to grow, tipping them toward internationally acclaimed star status and mass recognition amongst fans and peers from all over the globe.

The united creativity of energetic, fun-loving friends Reuben Styles and Adam Hyde has evolved from ideas they coined in their bedrooms back home to the streets of Stockholm where they penned their latest smash, Stranger.

Their crafty beats have seen the witty, overly-enthusiastic pair to be regarded as a festival favourite here in New Zealand and the pair tell Remix following their Bay Dreams performance earlier in the month, the feeling is totally mutual.  

'Kiwis are the best fucking people in the world. We've said it a million times and we'll say it a million times more - they are the best,' Adam explains. 'Obviously, the landscape is one of the nicest in the world, but we're here for the people,' adds Reuben.

A bit of rain wasn’t enough to stop the pair as they aced their high-energy performance fresh off the back of New Year’s Day. 'It worked out really well for us because we were performing our last song, High, and it was drizzling but there was a moment in the break-down, where everyone was on their mates' shoulders and the rain started pouring down and Reuben goes: 'Look to the sky, make some noise for the rain,' and everyone really embraced it. It was a genuinely beautiful moment.'

Chart-topping success and a widening group of followers is yet to impact the humility and down-to-earth consciousness of the Aussie duo. They say New Zealand audiences give them a reason to be grateful. Adam told Remix: 'We haven't had a crowd yet that can sing every word to our new song, Stranger, like that. I looked at Reuben as I was about to cry on stage, it was so incredible. I've got goose-bumps thinking about it.' 

With 2016 behind them, the DJ's say they are looking to 2017 as a continuation of their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do great things. 'It's funny we were talking about this with Example last night. I think it's all a bunch of bullshit, living year to year. I'm trying to delete everyone on Facebook that's like New Year, new me,' laughs Adam.

'Over the last year, Reuben and I have been in Europe working on music back to back. We've got a lot of fucking content in the bank - so 2017 is the year where we finally get to unleash all the things we've been working on. That's our New Year’s resolution, to unleash the beast,' he reveals. 

With wide eyes and bright futures, the purity of their passion, distinctness of their sound and ear for something fresh is sure to see Peking Duk continue from strength to strength. But for now, they're dedicated to getting the very best from life, which we're sure will continue to motivate them to uncover more musical magic. 

Here's hoping!



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