Auckland's new must-see play: Venus In Fur

Embracing innovation is important, but turning off technology to enjoy an experience like the theatre is just as vital. In the age of iPads, smartphones, Netflix and Spotify it’s easy to overlook, but live theatre is one of the most visceral ways to enjoy a performance. We take a look at Venus In Fur, the cheeky and sexy new comedy by Auckland Theatre Company, by talking to the director and lead actress.


You strip down on stage in this play, 
which to some people might seem a little nerve-wracking. Is that or was that ever something you had to get over as an actress?

Well, to be clear, I’m not getting nude, I go down to bra and undies. The thought was nerve-wracking a few months ago when my baby was still very little. But after all the breastfeeding in public, I now feel pretty confident to get my bod out there. It’ll look the way it’ll look and that’s that.

You’re a new mum! How do you juggle a 
big commitment like this with life at home?
Good question! My husband is going to be primary caregiver once he finishes his current directing job in Sydney, but we have a three week overlap where we’re both working, which will always be something we’ll have to juggle. I can’t wait for him to be able to hang with Luna all day! Until then, i’ll be hiring the perfect nanny to lend a hand to the grandparents and me.

Why should our readers book tickets
 to come and see the play?

Because good theatre, writing, acting and directing are gloriously novel things. Come and see something live and let it take you away!


How did the opportunity to direct Venus 
In Fur come about?

Auckland Theatre Company’s artistic director Colin McColl and I had been riffing on ideas for about a year when he gave me Venus In Fur to look at. I’ve been directing a lot of heavy drama of late, so this seemed like the perfect palate cleanser.

It’s also very risqué and sexy. How did you find navigating that element of the play?
Casting two actors who aren’t afraid of exploring some of the darker recesses of our psyches is vital for a play like this. 

Not enough New Zealanders regularly go to see plays. Tell us why people should? What can the theatre offer that no other medium can?
Theatre provides a communal experience that you can’t get sitting at home alone with your iPad. You get to laugh and cry and rage and think and feel together. 

Venus In Fur: what to expect
Written by american playwright David Ives, the play follows the story of New York writer and director Thomas as he tries to show his new play Venus In Fur. Originally shown in 2011, the Tony-Award-winning Venus In Fur is one of the most produced contemporary plays in the us. Starring Morgana O’Reilly and Craig Hall, it’s a laugh out-loud expose of the politics of sex and power.

Showing 18th august to 18th September
 Aotea Centre’s Herald Theatre

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