Emma Watson's new film is a must-see

The ever-delightful Emma Watson is back on the big-screen this month, however, her new film is a far cry from the whimsical, singing, dancing action of Beauty and the Beast.

Watson's next venture instead delves deep into dystopia to imagine a darkly fascist digital future. The Circle, directed by James Ponsoldt, is a cleverly creepy commentary on the era of social media oversharing. It's based on a 2013 book of the same name by Dave Eggers which recieved praise as "eerily prophetic" and "uncomfortably close to reality."

In the film, Watson plays the character of Mae Holland. She's recently been employed as a customer service employee at The Circle, a supersized tech company reminiscent of Google or Facebook. Mae is initially enraptured by her ultra-desirable role and the impressive campus on which she works. But two weeks into her employment she finds herself completely ensnared in a groundbreaking experiment that pushes her private life completely into the public sphere. Her every move is documented by devices designed according to the company policies that “all that happens must be known” and "privacy is theft" - and it seems there's no way out.

The Circle is a must-see for fans of Black Mirror. Also featuring in the film are Tom Hanks, Karen Gillan and John Boyega.

The Circle hits Kiwi cinemas on May 18th. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.