The ultimate hair guide to Coachella 2018

Coachella is renowned for its groovy vibes and iconic outfits; it’s all down to the hair, makeup and clothes. Now, gorgeous outfits and bedazzled faces are easy to master with the right amount of trial and error. But hair, on the other hand, is a whole different ballgame. There are so many options out there to try, the hard part is knowing what will be a success and what will be a bonafide hot mess. 

If you have wanted to experiment with bold hairstyles for a while, then Coachella is the right place to do it; if you’re not going, then the lead up is just as good a time as any! The hottest hair trends over the years have featured variations of braids, soft waves, blunt bobs, and all sorts of half-up styles. The wonderful thing about hair is you don’t have to rely on your naturally grown locks, you can sport some much-appreciated hair extensions or embellish your head with eye-catching accessories.If you're looking for some inspo, we have put together some of the best looks from Coachella over the years, in the gallery above. 

All images sourced from Elle, Vogue, Glamour and Refinery29.