The crazy, 'kiss-and-tell' new lip trend

Talk about taking P.D.A to a whole new level! This new 'snogging' lip trend consists of a smudgy, deliberately messy application of lipstick to achieve a passionate lip-lock look.

Make-up artist Val Garland first created this unusual look using M.A.C Cosmetics, which has since gone viral after it was showcased at Preen by Thornton Bregazzi during London Fashion Week.

Although it may seem as if we have gotten the wrong idea behind this makeup look, it is indeed meant to represent a hot hook-up. In fact, Garland told Vogue that the meaning behind it alludes to kissing, a girl going to a club, confident and enjoying a kiss.

At least smudged lipstick from a messy night out can be deemed as acceptable now, right?

Image credits: Vogue