The 30-Day Lipstick Challenge Day 13

sothysSothys Hydra-glide lipstick in ’22 Griotte’ Let’s start with my one gripe about this lipstick before I turn to the many good things. If I’m brutally honest, the packaging of this lipstick really turns me off. It’s a rosy metallic plastic casing that really does no justice to what is a high end luxury spa brand. Looking at my very neatly organised row of lipsticks on my dresser, it sticks out like a sore thumb and not in a good way. That aside, the actual lipstick is lovely! It’s the smoothest, silkiest lipstick so far – it feels like you’re barely wearing anything, almost like a lip balm. Great for dry lips! And for such a barely-there feeling, it packs a punch in the colour stakes. The shade I’m wearing today is a bit muted for me but I still rather liked it. It’s a great, classy shade for someone who wants to wear colour but not a loudmouth bright hue. Staying Power: 5/10 Colour Intensity: 7/10 Moisture: 9/10