The 30-Day Lipstick Challenge Day 10

guerlain-lipcolor-vega-bigBy Tina Moore Guerlain Rouge Automatique in ‘125 Vega’ I thought yesterday’s lipstick took the crown for most glamorous case, but today it has been trumped! This is hands-down the niftiest lipstick case I’ve come across – it is elegant and practical at the same time. The story behind the case’s design is that it was first designed in the Art Deco era of 1936, as the first lipstick without a cap and with a technique requiring a single hand. It has been redesigned for modern times now and still has the ‘oooh look at that’ factor. Just slide the little lever downwards and out pops the lipstick! Besides the cool case though, the lipstick is glorious to wear – it feels almost like a second skin, with a really fine moist texture. It also has a remarkably long-lasting hold. The shade I’m wearing today, ‘Vega’, is a super deep burgundy and it does feel very Art Deco to me. I have felt glam since the minute I stepped out of the house. Loving it! Staying Power: 7/10 Colour Intensity: 8/10 Moisture: 7/10