Tackling unsustainable wellness habits with Daily Rituals founder, Cameron Roby-Mais

The rise of conscious brands and demand for sustainable alternatives has rapidly grown in recent years. Still, sometimes it’s hard to navigate the plethora of beauty and wellness brands on the market today. Amongst the rubble are those brands curated with love and promise thoughtful and conscientious morals behind them. A company that has made the search easier is Daily Rituals, harnessing the art of taking their time and filling their shelves with brands that hold mindfulness, sustainability and consideration at the forefront. 

Starting in the first lockdown, the founder of Daily Rituals, Cameron Roby-Mais believes “sustainability is non-negotiable at this point. So many problems we are facing today are the direct result of yesterday's shitty solutions, solutions that simply slapped a band-aid over the wound. When healing problems holistically, you will inevitably take the sustainable route.” Cameron adds “Daily Rituals is grounded in empathy and responsibility. We understand that the countless decisions you make on a daily basis can be overwhelming - to then try and understand the impact of all those choices is near impossible. Each product at Daily Rituals serves a purpose. I don't believe people should buy any of this stuff just for the sake of it, we have curated a selection that solves a variety of problems for a variety of people - if you don't need it, don't buy it... ”

Some of our favourite holistic wellness brands... 

David’s Toothpaste 

Oral hygiene is of course a Daily Ritual (see what we did there?), and Davids Toothpaste is a brand you need. A mostly natural alternative, Davids Toothpaste focuses on outperforming conventional, everyday toothpaste by safely and effectively whitening teeth, fighting plaque and freshening breath, all without the toxic, unhealthy and artificial ingredients. Our favourite product? The ‘Tongue Scraper’ - a 100% medical grade stainless steel tongue scraper that effectively removes unwanted bacteria from your tongue, lowering the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.  It also looks great in your bathroom! Result.

Well Kept 

Bathroom essentials are somewhat of a tradition when you find the ones you love - Well Kept has curated a refined collection of bathroom products, from bath oil to shaving oil, sea wool sponges, soaking salts and more, guaranteed to secure a spot on the shelf. Not only are their products top-tier, but their promise of sustainability means that you leave as little of a mark on the earth as possible.


Born in Stockholm, Melyon is one of those brands that you need in your cabinet. With a mission to embrace inclusivity and celebrate diversity, Melyon’s skincare line caters to the unique needs of darker skin tones, whilst remaining universal for all. Founder, Roger Dupé has drawn inspiration from his West African roots and curated an expression of self-love, with an ethical brand that beautifully combines nature’s finest with cutting-edge science.

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

It’s true, we all experience the wonders of stress and anxiety. Curated by therapists, the Anti-Anxiety Notebook is an easy-to-use, guided notebook that allows you to jot down your feelings and then step back and analyse your thought patterns, ultimately helping you develop the skills to identify those unhelpful thought patterns and making you ready to tackle them head-on when they appear again. With 100 guided journal entries, structured exercises proven to help reduce anxiety, check-ins throughout and over 100 notes and tips from therapists,  you can prioritise your mental health as you wind down each night. 


All imagery sourced from @dailyritualsnz