Support your Skin’s Microbiome with the Dragonfruit Range from Pure Fiji

Did you know that your skin has its very own unique ecosystem of bacteria called a microbiome that impacts how it functions? We know that supporting our gut health to keep it balanced with good bacteria is the key to a healthy and functioning system - the same rule applies to the skin. Our skin microbiome refers to the trillions of microscopic organisms, mostly bacteria, that live on and in our skin’s various layers. A healthy or 'balanced' skin microbiome is like a diverse rainforest - the more strains that coexist, the healthier the skin.

World-renowned skin and body care brand, Pure Fiji takes the secrets of the South Pacific and uses this knowledge to create its products using only the best, natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature herself. The latest product range to join the Pure Fiji family is the Dragonfruit Range.

But why Dragonfruit? Dragonfruit extract, scientifically known as Hylocrerus Undatus Fruit Extract, is a natural skincare powerhouse. It possesses prebiotic properties that foster the growth of beneficial skin bacteria, achieving a balanced skin microbiota. This balance not only enhances skin protection but visible improves complexion by increasing luminosity and reducing redness. It fortifies the skin’s defences, acting as a shield against daily environmental stressors by reinforcing the skin’s barrier, reducing moisture loss and maintaining hydration.

Other key ingredients in the Dragonfruit range are Mulberry, Coconut and Vanilla, as well as nourishing Virgin Coconut, Macadamia, Sikeci, and the iconic Dilo oils Pure Fiji is known for. Infused with this Dragonfruit prebiotic extract to support, repair and balance the skin barrier function, revealing a luminous and radiant glow.


Images via Pinterest