Why Hanz de Fuko is the best product for men's hair

Everyone has unique features to distinguish who they are. Blonde or brunette, curly or straight, short or long, everyone has different hairstyles they love to experiment with. I’ve personally gone through a handful of different styles until I landed on the one I’m most comfortable with. 


It’s vital to give your hair the type of care it needs. All hair types are different and in turn, your hair and your girlfriend’s hair are likely to need different products. So, it’s always a good idea to leave it to the professionals to guide you on what your hair needs!

In the heart of Auckland City, Barkers Groom Room is a cult favourite amongst men. After a shop around the CBD drop into the Groom Room, grab a brew, sit back and enjoy the ride. Amongst their range of different products, Hanz de Fuko definitely seems to stand out.  

With more than 10 years in the business, Hanz de Fuko offers high-end hair products allowing users to create their own innovation and self-expression. Providing solid holding power, ultimate pliability for the perfect hairstyle and complete water-solubility. The vital product to bring to life your desired hair look before a night out or any occasion!


Here are some of Hanz de Fuko’s products you can find at the Barkers Groom Room


Hanz de Fuko Heavymade

For those seeking a water-based pomade - seek no further. Heavy made gives clean and heavy wear allowing you to play with your hair in any way you please. Giving you an all-day-hold with no maintenance needed. 


Hanz de Fuko Quickstand

For our beach-boys. Create that beachy textured hair on days you’re not by the waters. The innovative formulation is going to add that extra volume, absorbing any excess oil and add texture with no weight. You could think of it as half styling wax and half dry shampoo - two-in-one!

Hanz de Fuko Scheme Cream

The ultimate hassle-free styling cream. Use it as a pre-styler for that effortless look or to create pliable hairstyles with natural texture. Such a versatile product on wet or dry hair! Bonus point for humidity prevention - perfect for the upcoming Summer!


Hanz de Fuko Gravity Paste

A groundbreaking product - the Gravity Paste. Containing revolutionary properties that activate when the product is applied and rubbed between the palms of the hands giving that effortless hair sculpting abilities. Get creative because this product will let you achieve any hairstyle imaginable. 


Hanz de Fuko Claymation

This revolutionary “Clay-Wax” is considered as the hybrid product between QUICKSAND and CLAYMATION. Containing all-natural ingredients, meaning you’re giving it all the goodness while also providing powerful, “all-day” needs from its roots to ends. The premium product for your premium hair. 

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Images retrieved from Barkers Groom Room