The kind of rush to avoid that beetroot flush

Sunscreen has always been one of those necessary evils. Whether you’ve accidentally put too much on and are top-to-toe white, smeared in on your face and now resemble an oil slick, or, worst of all, forgotten to re-apply while at the beach and are burnt to a crisp. We need sunscreen as much as it needs us, however finding the right formulation to suit our skin type and lifestyle is often a challenge.

Enter Clinique’s new Pep-Start HydroRush SPF20 Moisturiser. Small but mighty, this little yellow tub is packed full of antioxidants, anti-irritants and barrier strengthening ingredients to provide the ultimate protection against the elements. Added bonus: this formulation offers oil control and a rush of hydration, meaning it’s perfect for wearing under makeup, ready for the busy day ahead.

Remix caught up with Limbitless founder and Clinique ambassador Jessica Emily Quinn on her secrets to getting up and at ‘em each morning with Clinique. Inspirational in her own right, Jess was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at age 9 and combatting the cancer meant losing part of her right leg.

For some, this would be an excuse to slow right down and reassess, but for the ultra-athletic Jess, this situation has fuelled her fire and made her more determined to grasp life with both hands. Jess bounces out of bed every day and we should be motivated to do the same.

Check back next week to find out how this motivational young woman gets her day off to the right start, as well as her hacks for living a healthy, fulfilling life.

Clinique Pep-Start HydroRush SPF20 Moisturiser (RRP$58) is available at Clinique counters nationwide and online at or